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VIDEO (in 7 segments - YouTube)

"The Rick Simpson Story: Run From the Cure" is the best MedMar video we've seen. Period. That said, here's a serious cautionary note: Both the Sheriff and DA of Mendocino County regard extractive processing of cannabis using flammable solvents as indicative of the operation of an illegal drug lab and WILL prosecute those that are believed to be doing so. Rick's extraction method, as shown in the video, is crude, dangerous and results in medicine which is not free from carcinogenic toxic solvent residues. It's the same deal with Butane Honey Oil extraction, which leaves traces of Hexane in the oil.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and educate yourself about non-toxic extraction methods.

That said, Rick's video is a "Must See" which Rick wants distributed as widely as possible at no charge.

Their done-it-ourselves video is obviously NOT a big bucks production and the earnest sincerity of the Canadians really shone through.

A big "Thank You" to Rick and Phoenix Tears Productions for their much appreciated work.