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The California case names shown below are linked to PDF files of the Appeals or CA Supreme Court decisions. Each represents a Landmark Court Decision advancing Patient's and Provider's Rights in California under the CUA and MMPA and are most are quotable prececents for current and future legal challenges.


  Qualified Patient's Association v. Anaheim 4th District, 8/18/10
  Butte County v. Williams - Supreme Court denies Butte County Appeal 9/24/09
  Hochanadel 4th District, 8/18/09
  San Diego   May 18, 2009 - SCOTUS Decision
Mentch Decision
  Kelly Decision
  Windus Decision
  Urziceanu Decision
  Kha Decision
  Phomphakdy Decision
  Wright S128442 not sure this is 'the latest'
  Kiryakoz F054463
  Malley C057181
  CA Attorney General Opinion - Hashish & Concentrates legal under Prop 215